Hardiness Zones

Use the following map to find your location's hardiness zone. Note down that number. Then use the area code of the desired plants to see if they will be healthy at your place. The lower the hardiness number is, the more a plant is hardy (hardiness is defined as cold tolerance). A hardiness zone 2 tree is extremely hardy since it can support all areas (5, 4, 3) up 2. A hardiness zone 5 tree is less hardy because it cannot tolerates as much cold. A larger map is available at http://www.planthardiness.gc.ca/?lang=en

The plants we offer will generally be of hardiness zone 4 or lower (the nursery is located in zone 4a, near Sainte-Anne-des-Monts). If you find yourself in a zone 5 or more area you can choose any plant without distinction. Otherwise, check that the hardiness of the plant you seek is the same or below the hardiness zone of ​​your locality.