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Shipping around May 18th, ±14 days, depending on weather conditions.
We ship everywhere in QC except very remote locations (250$ min. before tax order outside Gaspesie)

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: From our nursery (Mont-Louis),  : Local product (Gaspe peninsula),  : Regional product, elsewhere in Quebec,  No mention : from another province in Canada or USA
Plants found

African tamarisk

American elderberry

American elm

American Hazelnut

Apple, dwarf

Apple, dwarf

Apple (seedling / standard rootstock)

Apple semi-dwarf

Apple, semi-dwarf

Apple, semi-standard

Apple, standard

Arctic willow

Bitter willow

Black chokeberry


Blue-berried honeysuckle

Blue-berried honeysuckle


Bosc Pear tree

Bur oak

Cherry (dwarf)

Cherry (dwarf, tomentosa)

Cherry, sweet

Cherry, tart

Chinese chestnut


Common osier

Corkscrew Willow

Crab apple semi-dwarf

Eastern black walnut




Hardy kiwi, arctic

Japanese walnut

Japanese Willow


  • Lilac - Syringa vulgaris, Zone 2
    Common lilac
    • 1-15cm high, naked roots (quantity available: ∞) : 3.00$ +1
    • 15-30cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 1) : 7.00$ +1
    • 65-100cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 4) : 16.00$ +1


Pear, european

Pear, hardy

Plum, american

Plum, Damson

Plum, european

Plum, hybrid

Raspberry, early

Raspberry, fall-fruiting

Raspberry, late

Raspberry, mid-season


Saskatoon berry

Saskatoon serviceberry


Siberian peashrub

Sugar maple

Swamp white oak

Weeping willow

White mulberry

White pine

  • White pine - Pinus strobus, Zone 2
    Eastern white pine, northern white pine, Weymouth pine, soft pine
    • 15-30cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 41) : 8.00$ +1
    • 30-65cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 1) : 18.00$ +1

Wild rose

  • Wild rose - Rosa rugosa, Zone 2
    Sweet briar, eglantine
    • 10-30cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 25) : 7.00$ +1
    • 30-65cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 4) : 10.00$ +1
    • 65-100cm high, naked roots (quantity available: 5) : 13.00$ +1

Yellow birch

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