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The order period to get your plants during the 2021 spring delivery is closed! (march 31st)
The delivery will occur during May 17th to 23th, 2021 approx.
Shipping everywhere in Quebec and by ourselves in person in Gaspe peninsula up to Rimouski.

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: From our nursery (Mont-Louis),  : Local product (Gaspe peninsula),  : Regional product, elsewhere in Quebec,  No mention : from another province in Canada or USA
Plants found

American Hazelnut

American plum

Apple (seedling)

Apple, semi-dwarf

Black chokeberry

Blue-berried honeysuckle


Bur oak


Cherry (dwarf, tomentosa)

Cherry, sweet

Cherry, tart

Chinese chestnut

Eastern black walnut

Eastern larch

Green ash

Jack pine

Jostaberry (Gooseberry x Blackcurrant)

Limber pine

Manchurian walnut

Pear, hardy

Raspberry, early

Raspberry, fall fruiting

Raspberry, mid-season



Saskatoon serviceberry

Shagbark hickory

Siberian peashrub

Strawberry, day-neutral

Strawberry, early

Strawberry, late

Western sand cherry

White Oak

  • White Oak - Quercus alba, Zone 4
    • 10-20cm high, naked roots : 7.00$
    • 20-40cm high, naked roots : 10.00$
    • 10 x 10-20cm high, naked roots : 55.00$
    • 25 x 10-20cm high, naked roots : 100.00$

Wild rose


Accessories found