Guarantee policy

Our guarantee policy ensures you receive a quality product, with the promise of paying you back or offering you a counterpart if the delivered product does not correspond to what was ordered.

A product in good condition, healthy plants

All the plants will be delivered alive, in good health thus ensuring a good recovery after transplantation at home. Plants that are received damaged or with dried roots will be replaced or reimbursed without charge.

The challenge of managing living stock

Plants received alive and in good health at the customer's premises will not be subject to the warranty policy if the problems with the plant occur more than one month after delivery. The customer will also be responsible for demonstrating that he is not responsible for the deterioration of the product (pictures, description of the care provided).

Note that all plants, even reserved for spring delivery, could not be available at the time of delivery. Situations out of our control (weather incidents, crop pests) may delay or cancel the delivery of certain products. In the case where a product is no longer available, the sum paid for the reservation is completely recovered by the customer. Of course, this is an exceptional situation that we try to avoid as much as possible.

Contact us as soon as possible with your complaints , we will treat them with the greatest attention to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us also for any additional questions.