Dwarf russian almond
Prunus tenella, Hardiness : Zone 2b
Nut tree or shrub
Height X Width
1.5m high
Pink Blooming time : Begins in mid-spring
Edible parts description
Edible almond.
Harvest : Begins in mid-august
Sun exposure
Full sun, Mid-shade
Soil type
Normal, well drained, Prefers dry soil
Edible parts
Needs another plant nearby to bear fruits
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Description, from Wikipedia

Prunus tenella, the dwarf Russian almond, is a species of deciduous shrub in the genus Prunus, native to steppes of Eastern Europe and Western Siberia, as well as dry open sites of Caucasus, Western and Central Asia.

It yields small almond-like hairy fruits with characteristic flavor. It grows to 1.5 m (5 ft) and is a popular ornamental plant in cold temperate regions, valued for its profuse spring blossom and exceptional winter hardiness. It was formerly included in Prunus sect. Amygdalus, but molecular phylogenetic studies indicate it is closely related to bush cherries, apricots and plums, rather than almonds.

The Latin specific epithet tenella means "tender" or "delicate".

'Fire Hill' is a popular cultivar with red flowers.