Cherry (dwarf, tomentosa)
Prunus tomentosa, Hardiness : Zone 2b
Other names
Nanjing cherry, downy cherry, chinese bush cherry
Fruit tree, Ornamental shrub
15-30cm high, naked roots
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Height X Width
2.0m X 2.5m
Perfumed, white Blooming time : Begins in may
Very sweet dark or pale red fruits
Harvest : Begins in mid-august
General resistance
Sun exposure
Full sun, Mid-shade
Soil type
Normal, well drained
Edible parts
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Description, from Wikipedia

It is a deciduous shrub, irregular in shape, 0.3–3 m (rarely 4 m) high and possibly somewhat wider. The bark is glabrous and copper-tinted black. The leaves are alternate, 2–7 cm long and 1–3.5 cm broad, oval to obovate, acuminate with irregularly serrate margins, rugose, dark green, pubescent above and tomentose below, with glandular petioles. The flowers are white or pink in a scarlet calyx, opening with or before the leaves in spring. They are reliably profuse, arranged in clusters on scarlet pedicels and are 1.5–2.0 cm in diameter. The fruit is a sweet but slightly tart drupe 5–12 mm (rarely to 25 mm) in diameter, scarlet, ripening in early summer, with a large seed. Though often called a "cherry" and superficially resembling them, Nanking cherry is closer related to plums than true cherries. It prefers full sun and grows naturally in a variety of soils. It is drought-resistant, and cold-resistant to hardiness zone 2.