Balsam poplar
Populus balsamifera, Hardiness : Zone 2
Native plant, Ornamental tree
30-65cm high, naked roots
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65-100cm high, naked roots
    quantity available: 18
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Height X Width
20.0m X 10.0m
Dark green, yellow in fall
Edible parts description
Considered hardy
Sun exposure
Soil type
Edible parts
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Description, from Wikipedia

Populus balsamifera, commonly called balsam poplar, bam, bamtree, eastern balsam-poplar, hackmatack, tacamahac poplar, tacamahaca, is a tree species in the balsam poplar species group in the poplar genus, Populus. The genus name Populus is from the Latin for poplar, and the specific epithet balsamifera from Latin for "balsam-bearing".

Populus balsamifera is the northernmost North American hardwood, growing transcontinentally on boreal and montane upland and flood plain sites, and attaining its best development on flood plains. It is a hardy, fast-growing tree which is generally short lived, but some trees as old as 200 years have been found.

The tree is known for its strong, sweet fragrance, which emanates from its sticky, resinous buds. The smell has been compared to that of the balsam fir tree.